Danielle (Dani) Douglass

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Danielle (Dani) Douglass

I love telling stories, planning events and being involved in work that makes a difference. I've walked many paths in life, including PR pro, teacher, writer and blogger. I'm passionate, energetic and curious. My favorite topics are health and well-being, fitness, food, education, travel, outdoor adventure and ocean sports.


Health is the Greatest Wealth

Jason Coleman makes a killer smoothie. These days, he hears this sentiment often. Just a few years ago, it was this remark from family and friends that inspired the then 42-year-old to open Leahi Health. From bartender to plant-based food restaurant owner, his own journey has been one of discovery and a quest toward optimal health.
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Talking Blue Zones with Dan Buettner

What do beans, a sense of purpose, and your friends have in common? They can all help you to live a more vibrant life. Increasing life expectancy is a simple recipe for Dan Buettner. There’s no magic pill to take. No fad diet to follow. And you don’t have to spend countless hours in a gym pumping iron.
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Faces of Well-Being (cover story)

If you walk the halls at HMSA and listen care- fully, you’ll hear the word “well-being” often. What’s even more noticeable is that you’ll see employees actually walking the well-being talk. Well-being isn’t a new concept at HMSA. Our employee well-being program, Mälama Ola, was launched three years ago. Last year, we became the first Blue Zones Project® Demonstration Worksite in the state. This year, we’re working toward Blue Zones WorksiteTM certification. There are over 1,600 HMSA employees state- wide who have many well-being stories. These are just a few tales of how well-being has taken flight at work, home, and in the community.
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A Boy's Passion to Save Lives

Twelve-year old Brycen Go has a simple vision of his future. He explains he’d be content living in a one-bedroom apartment with enough food to eat and a job with emergency medical services (EMS).
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When grief turns to hope

Within a year, former Oregon State gymnast and Kinesiology major Taylor Ricci and men’s soccer player and Finance major Nathan Braaten experienced the emotional turmoil of suicide when they lost a teammate. Through personal grief and frustration, the duo put their heads together to brainstorm ideas to bring mental health awareness out in the open.
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A masterful balance for student-athlete Marcus McMaryion

It’s been an exciting year for College of Public Health and Human Sciences’ public health sophomore and OSU Beavers quarterback Marcus McMaryion. He was recently put in as the team’s starting quarterback after two of his teammates suffered injuries. He also changed his major from kinesiology to public health.
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Recipe for success

College of Public Health and Human Sciences nutrition students learned that the recipe for a healthy diet includes simple, economical and nutritious foods. Two groups of juniors and seniors toured Corvallis’ WinCo with Registered Dietitian Shari Steinbach, the Healthy Living Manager for Meijer, a Midwest supermarket chain in Grand Rapids, Mich.
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Rising food star shares ease of healthy eating on Dr. Oz show

It’s not every day you’re invited to the Dr. Oz show to speak to the diet component of a new health program. But for CPHHS dietetics alumna Rachael DeVaux, BS ’15, her social media clout paid off when she received a call to be a guest on the Sept. 7 taping of the show. The date was serendipitous because Rachael had already booked a trip to New York for Sept. 3–Sept. 9.
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Local program empowers cancer survivors to eat healthy

Cancer survivors need many things to thrive — the right attitude, a support system, numerous resources and a healthy diet. Too often, the latter is the most difficult to attain. But thanks to a local program, led and supported by CPHHS alumni and students, eating healthy is now within reach. Two years ago, Samaritan Health Services launched “That’s My Farmer” in Albany to support cancer survivors in learning about nutrition.
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Back to school: activity with purpose

In 1920, almost all U.S. colleges had physical education requirements. By 1970, it was about 70 percent. In 2013, CPHHS kinesiology professor Brad Cardinal and his colleagues published a study that found that number had plummeted to about 40 percent. Oregon State University is included in the 40 percent, requiring undergraduate students to take three fitness credits as part of its Baccalaureate Core curriculum.
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The fitness diaries: Jacqui Wollin

CPHHS student clerical assistant Jacqui Wollin’s fitness routine has changed the way she looks at the world. The OSU anthropology student starts every morning with a yoga routine. She’s been doing yoga for the past six years and still amazes herself as she becomes stronger and more flexible in her practice.
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Instilling Healthy Habits in Kids

My memories of growing up in Hawaii consist of going to the beach, camping, hiking, and spending time outdoors. My mother was a bundle of energy and I had a lot of fun keeping up with her. She ate healthy, opting for whole grains and always served greens with dinner. She also exercised regularly – sweating to the oldies or dancing around the living room with Denise Austin.
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Danielle (Dani) Douglass

Hi, I'm Dani and I'm an assistant director of marketing and communications at Oregon State University. I work for the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, which allows me to merge my love for everything health and well-being with strategic communications.

In my former lives, I was a corporate writer at Honolulu's top health insurance company, an elementary school teacher and public relations professional.

In my teaching career, I taught 3rd grade students the fundamentals of writing and enjoyed watching my students develop their writing and grammar skills. I maintained a class website and wrote and received numerous grants for classroom supplies and to take my students on field trips. Instilling a love for writing in my students was one of the most inspiring and gratifying things I've ever done.

During my years in public relations, writing and marketing, I provided account services to numerous Hawaii businesses and government officials. I learned to multi-task, stay cool under pressure, and prioritize deadlines. I also spent a year at Hawaii's State legislature, which provided me with the opportunity to see government in action.

I'm an energetic and driven individual. Meeting new people, seeing new places, and learning new things makes me thrive. I'm a firm believer in doing things that bring you the most happiness. I love being outdoors, eating healthy, being active, meeting people with inspirational stories to tell, traveling overseas, issues related to education reform and finding the best in people.

Outside of work and writing, I enjoy hiking, spending time with my husband and two cats, cooking and creating new healthy recipes, visiting with family and friends, going to the beach, surfing, lifting weights and reading.



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